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Switzerland, a small country positioned in the heart of Western Europe within the Alps, is bordered by Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Liechtenstein. The country’s terrain is primarily mountainous, with the majestic Alps traversing its entirety and hosting Europe’s tallest peaks. Offering attractions throughout the year, it is advisable to plan your visit according to your preferred activities. Switzerland experiences a generally mild climate, although weather conditions can vary significantly across different regions.

Switzerland offers a diverse climate, ranging from glacial conditions in the mountains to a pleasant Mediterranean-like climate in the southern canton of Ticino. In the summer months (June to September), there is abundant sunshine and minimal rainfall, making it an ideal time for mountain hiking and city exploration. In contrast, the winter season (November to March) provides perfect snow conditions for engaging in winter sports like skiing.

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Most reserved Cities:  GenevaZurich – Zermatt – LucerneBaselBern

Major Swiss Destination : Geneva | Zurich | Lausanne | Montreux | Bern


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BaselBern – Fribourg – GenevaLausanneLucerneLuganoMontreux – Neuchatel – Zurich


The landscape is mountainous with the Alps running right through the country and boast Europe’s highest peaks.
It is a year-round destination, and you should plan your visit based on your activities preferences.
The Swiss climate is generally temperate, but climatic conditions differ throughout Switzerland and can vary greatly between the localities

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Fribourg (47) – Lugano (166) – Zermatt (483) – Verbier (44 )  – Zurich (337) –  St Moritz (83) –  Lausanne (78) – Montreux (108) – Basel (165) – Bern (165)  – Geneva (254) – Lucerne  (171)

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Switzerland is not part of the European Union but a member of the Schengen agreement. EU Nationals have free movement for up to 90 days.

EU When driving from one or another country, you are not required to show passport/id card, but travelling by train, plane, or boat you are required to present passport or id card to prove your identity.

Non-EU – Must have a valid passport issued in the past 10 years with at least 6 months remaining on its validity, a return ticket, and sufficient funds for the scheduled length of stay.

(Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, and Romania are not part of Schengen, therefore passport or id is required to travel to and from these countries)

  • By December 2022, non-European visitors to Europe’s member countries will need to apply for an ETIAS or a Schengen visa. Please note that the ETIAS (which is similar to the US ESTA system) is not the same as a Schengen visa. For travelers who needs to apply for a Schengen visa should continue to do so.

More information on the ETIAS system.


Because Switzerland is a small country, it is relatively easy to navigate from one area to another.

Train : Traveling by train is an attraction in itself. Switzerland has a fantastic rail network with train stations in many towns and villages. Rail stations are usually in the town center, which allows you to reach local attractions easily on foot or with public transportation.

Driving : If you prefer driving. Renting a car is easy with our booking system. You’ll be able to collect a hire car from all major airports and cities

The roads in Switzerland are well maintained but during the winter months the weather conditions can change rapidly especially on roads going through the mountains.

Biking : You can rent bikes at numerous locations, or reserve one prior to your trip


Language: The official languages in Switzerland are: German, French, Italian, Romansch. English can be used if you don’t speak any of the local languages. Many others speak English as a second or third language, especially those working in tourism and on popular public transport routes.

Currency: CHF Swiss Franc which is made up of 100 cents. Credit and Debit cards are widely accepted within Switzerland. It is always wise to have a mix of cash and credit card available when you travel and Switzerland is no exception. Cash machines are widely available throughout.

Electricity: 230 volts AC, 50Hz. Plugs with two round pins and Swiss plugs with three round pins are standard. Outlets for 110 volts for small appliances can be found in most hotels.

Time zone : The time in Switzerland is UTC + 1 hour. The time is the same everywhere in the country, and there is no difference with any of the surrounding countries either.

Some Information, is a derivative from “The Switzerland page ” by wikivoyage.org and is licensed under CC BY 2.0, other information provided by our local Editors.