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Welcome to our Hospitality Network


INTRODUCTION to our Hospitality Network

As experienced professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry, we recognized the need for improvement and sought out new methods to increase public awareness of establishments

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An unpaid, unbiased and unequaled new way to promote your establishment

It’s challenging for service providers in the tourism and travel industry to distinguish themselves. They constantly search for fresh approaches to set their business apart from competitors. Standing out locally is relatively simple, but doing so online can be extremely difficult.

If only there was a cost-effective way to differentiate without relying heavily on SEO, paying high commissions to OTAs, or investing significant amounts of money, time, and resources in online advertising while also ensuring a tangible return on investment.

Get your establishment listed : Listing your establishment on Nodengo.com is absolutely FREE.  Add your establishment

Get your establishment promoted : Enhance your establishment listing with our tools.

Get your establishment reviewed : Have your establishment professionally reviewed and stand out on Nodengo.com

Advertise on Nodengo.com : We offer truly targeted advertising. Our ad appears on a specific city page for the visitor seeking city information.


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Managers-Owners-Operators, see how we can help you promote your HOTEL

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Managers-Owners-Operators, see how we can help you promote your RESTAURANT

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Museum, Art Galleries, etc. See how we can help you promote your establishment

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Taxis, tour guides, etc. See how we can help you promote your establishment

Hospitality network Editors

Are you interested in becoming an Editor ?  See if you qualify !

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Our website, Nodengo.com, aims to provide accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date information to potential visitors about the city they plan to visit. We are currently seeking local Editors to join our team.

Who better than you? You live in that city, enjoy it, and your job involves regularly providing advice to guests. You are the perfect ambassador and can professionally showcase your city to travelers who are eager to explore it.

Why not leverage all this knowledge and experience? We are in search of Independent Editors who can share insider tips on our website, guiding visitors to hidden gems such as little-known restaurants serving excellent food in the best locations. Additionally, our Editors will have the opportunity to blog about their city and offer valuable local insights.

Find out more about the  REQUIREMENTS | ADVANTAGES | LOCATIONS to become and Editor

Hospitality network reviews

We think today’s travel review system needs a seriously overdue improvement.

As a local professional in the tourism and travel industry, you understand the challenges of receiving accurate feedback from guests online. Clients often have a simplified understanding of running a tourism-oriented business, which is not their responsibility.

We believe that it is unfair to be penalized when something goes wrong, and we strongly feel that the current travel review system is in dire need of improvement.

Don’t delay. Learn about our review system and how to have your establishment professionally reviewed.

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Advertising done right

Don’t miss the opportunity to reach a global audience at a local level. Our visitors rely on us when planning their vacations, so make sure your business is part of their journey. Inform them about your offerings even before they reach their destination. You can also tap into the local market. Explore our Advertising System to see the options available or learn more about our Network.

Our truly targeted advertising enables you to connect directly with potential customers who are actively seeking destination information.

Unlike other platforms, we don’t display irrelevant ads or promote unrelated products. We prioritize presenting your establishment or business directly to interested clients. Many websites rely on automated advertising that lacks specific targeting. If you’re planning a trip to Patagonia next summer, seeing an ad for a new sewing machine may not be what you’re looking for.

Beneficiate from Fully targeted advertising

“All local – All the time “™ is our motto.