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Is your business currently being evaluated by inexperienced individuals or generic websites?

At Nodengo.com, we are local editors and hospitality professionals who can demonstrate how we can assist you. With extensive experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, we recognized the need for improvement in this area. Our goal is to address this issue by providing hospitality providers with an alternative method to promote their establishments.

As professionals, we are uniquely qualified to assess your establishment objectively and provide an unpaid, unbiased, and unparalleled means of promotion

While there is an exponential increase in the number of online reviews available, we believe that these reviews only partially represent the offerings of these establishments. Nowadays, it seems that everyone believes they are qualified to offer advice on the service and hospitality industry, resulting in subjective and often flawed “comments.

OTA’s and travel sites do offer their clients to review the establishment they have visited, certain even offer to have their clients become “reviewers” by offering monetary compensation while staying at a hotel.

We have chosen to address the issue of misleading reviews and comments through Nodengo, an alternative solution. There is significant room for improvement in this area, and we can provide you with the alternative you’ve been looking for. As professionals, we are uniquely qualified to review your establishment in an unbiased and unparalleled manner, without any payment involved. We understand what needs to be done and what should be avoided. Join us now.


Don’t delay. Have your establishment professionally reviewed now

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