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How to complete my listing

The following “How to complete my listing” is a guide on how to complete your publishing on Nodengo.com, we are proud to be offering a system that is very flexible and easily manageable. You control what is published and can customize your listing details, and information and tell customers what makes your establishment special.

All that can be achieved from your own personal dashboard provided once you have registered for one of our packages.

We also offer to have your establishment reviewed and offer truly targeted advertising options

If you need more information or having challenges with completing your listing do not hesitate to contact us

how to complete my listing

How to complete my listing on Nodengo.com


Listing Title

First you need to add a title to your listing, obviously the name of your establishment.
The title field is located atop of the listing edit page.
Do not use “all caps” for the title.

Categories List

Add the category of your establishment,you may choose from the list
Find the category that best describe your establishment. Only use one main category. For restaurants listing – do not use more than two or three sub-category.

Opening Hours

Show opening hours on the listing. We recommend to use 24:00 time format for SEO purposes and satisfy Google Structured Data requirements. Use time like 08:00-15:00.


Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your listing. The excerpt will appear on the seach and associated listing pages


Describe your establishment. Be as detailed as possible, you can add bold italic, We do however not allow adding images in the description field.
HTML is allowed
Your description must follow our publishing guidelines


Add an image of your establishment, please note that the image must follow our images guideline policy


Add the location of your establishment.
Located on the right side of the edit page.
Only one city is allowed, it is not necessary to add the country as it is done automatically.

Address & Location

Enter you address in the appropriate field. Using the following : Street name, number, city, zip and enter “find”. You may also post using latitude and longitude, but entering the address works better. Do not use the streetview fonction, if you wish to use it contact us


Add a contact form to your listing, So potential customers can contact your directly

Contact – phone

Enter your establishment phone number in this format = “+” sign, country code, city code, phone number.

Location on map

The location of your establishment on the map is displayed automatically using the information provided in the address field

Website link

To add a direct link to your website. simply add the URL in the appropriate field in the contact form heading

Plan my route

Display button that opens Google Maps navigation to your establishment location. This feature is added automatically and is based on your address and the customer’s address

Email Link

To add a email link to your establishment. simply add the address in the appropriate field in the contact form heading

How to complete my listing – Additional features

Additional features and options

The addition of services and features can be found under the additional information field: You simply check the ones that applies to your establishment.
However there are certain fields that are specific to certain types of services. Please read on
Should a field does not apply to your establishment and you do not want it to be published, simply leave the field blank or for drop down menu use “Choose option”

How to complete my listing

Restaurants Listing : The features for Restaurant listing are indicated under the field “Additional information”. They are self explanatory, however these must be followed:

1. For Meals and Price range – Use only one option
2. For Dietary restriction – Use all that apply.
3. Type of cuisine – Use all that apply, but we have found that a maximum of 3 works best.
4. Details and More options : Use all that apply

Other listing : The features for the other listing section are indicated under the field “Additional information”, and appear on the top of the available options They are self explanatory, should you do not wish to use one of the section simply leave it blank. Other the food&beverage option section, multiple field can be added.

—> It is possible that a description, (feature,service, type of food, etc) that would better describe your establishment, does not appear or is not available. In such case Contact us with your request and we will add it if it follows our publishing guidelines

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restaurant dp 10
Restaurants HCWY

How to complete my listing – Special features


Featured Section

Tick the “featured” field to make your listing as “featured” and prominently displayed.
It also allows you to add your establishment “motto” or tagline that will be displayed under your establishment name in the listing page.

Image Gallery

Display additional images for your establishment in a image gallery

Restaurant reservations

With the number of website offering table reservation. It is likely that you already use a service and pay commission.
That is why we decided, to let you use your current provider or choose one that would suit you best.
Simply enter the URL link given by your provider in the appropriate field and enjoy more reservations.

Should you not currently have provider and are interested in joining a program we have several provider we can recommend – simply contact us with your request


Is your establishment holding a special promotion or special event?
With your corporate package subscription you can publish events happening in your establishment.
You event will be displayed not only on your page but also on the city and country page for maximal exposure

Menu Presentation

We are working on allowing you to publish your restaurant/establishment menu within you listing on Nodengo.com

Your own hosted web page

We have planned to allow to host a website for your establishment directly on our servers thus making you benefit from our traffic. Should we have enough interest in this feature we will plan on rolling it out

More Information

How to complete my listing Need more help : You may want to consult the following pages manage your listingpublishing guidelineslisting content guidelines or contact us

Interested in advertising your establishment – Find out how we offer truly targeted ads

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