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About Us

about us

About us – Nodengo.com City Guide

A new and alternative way to reserve your vacations

Nodengo.com is an online network focused on providing local tourist-oriented information, travel details, and city guides. We recognized a lack of accurate and unbiased local information on the internet, which led us to establish this platform. With our background in the tourism and hospitality industry, we saw the need for improvement and believed that there should be a more effective way to promote establishments to the public.

Our mission is to address this issue by offering visitors up-to-date information about their destination city. Whether you have specific travel preferences or are flexible and seeking information, Nodengo.com is the ideal resource for searching and planning the best trip with recommendations.

About us Who are we ? – What do we do ?


Our website strives to provide precise, impartial, and current information to individuals planning to visit a particular city. Our team of reviewers, known as “Editors,” consists of local hospitality experts who reside and work in the respective cities. Their professional expertise allows them to offer insights into unique locations within the city that surpass those provided by amateur reviewers found on other platforms.

Airline Reservations : Nodengo.com offers a booking search engine to provide you with the best destination, at the best price whether you already know where you want to go or would like to browse our flight engine to find inspiration

Hotel Reservations : No matter where you are in the world, you can book your hotel reservations online through our booking engine.

Rental Cars : Comparison shop the major rental car companies for your next rental car deal around the world.

Tours & Activities : We offer a large selection of leisure activities. You can book them in advance, reserve theatre tickets, theme park tickets, helicopter tours, sightseeing tours, airport transfers, cruises, , and a whole lot more.

Travel Blogs : Through our local Editors we have travel blog for every cities in our inventory, read their blog as they offer pertinent and local insights. Our Editors live in the city you are interested in visiting. They are hospitality professionals, thus they can really recommend you, where to stay, where to eat and what to do in the city. Our local pages, aside from providing the most up to date and accurate information also list places which are often off the beaten path and know by the “locals” information about the city you may want to visit

Reviews : We offer to have local establishments professionally reviewed,

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About us to Promote your establishment

We provide complimentary standard listings for establishments on Nodengo.com. Promote your establishment to potential guests. While a review of your establishment will definitely capture the attention of potential visitors, listing your establishment allows you to inform travelers about your offerings as they plan their vacation. With our enhanced listing, you can include a variety of information on your establishment’s listing.

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About us how to Advertise

Optimize your advertising budget and effectively reach a global audience at a local scale. Our platform attracts individuals seeking to plan their vacations, offering you the opportunity to showcase your business in advance of their arrival. Take advantage of our comprehensive local pages, serving as the ultimate destination for vacation planning. With our advertising program, you can directly promote your establishment on the relevant pages, ensuring targeted exposure rather than random placement.

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About us our Reviews

The internet has an ever-growing number of reviews, which provide some insight into establishments but, in our opinion, fail to fully capture what these establishments truly offer. Nowadays, it seems like everyone believes they are qualified to offer advice on the service industry, resulting in subjective comments that often lack objectivity and industry knowledge. We strongly believe that there is a demand and an opportunity to provide unbiased and precise information to travelers through our professional reviews. Discover what it takes to be reviewed on Nodengo.com.

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