Geneva New travel hubs

Geneva New travel hubs

Genève New Travel Hub – Le Léman Express est un réseau ferroviaire de banlieue prévu pour l'agglomération transfrontalière du Grand Genève en Suisse occidentale et dans les Alpes françaises. Au cœur du système Léman Express se trouvera le projet ferroviaire CEVA reliant la gare des Eaux Vives à la gare Cornavin à Genève.

Geneva’s Cornavin train station

– Swiss regional and major train lines
– TGV trains
– Trains to and from Italy
– L5 and L6 timetables coordinated with the L1, L2, L3 and L4 lines to ensure seamless travel throughout the Léman Express region

l'Aéroport de Genève
Léman Express offers well-timed connections to Geneva Airport, with five trains per hour from Geneva’s Cornavin train station, which is only a seven-minute train ride from the airport.

The Annemasse train station is one of the biggest in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with connections throughout Haute-Savoie.

The Léman Express is a network with a rail transit gauge that serves Geneva and its cross-border agglomeration. Made up of six lines, it will serve once completed 45 stations’ 2 for 230 kilometers of lane1, N 1 and will be frequented by 50 000 passengers per day. Due to its cross-border location, straddling Switzerland and France, this network is coordinated by Lémanis, a joint subsidiary of the two operators, SBB and SNCF, which is also responsible for its promotion.

For more information:  Leman Express website

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