It’s important that we maintain a consistent approach in showcasing our media and logo. Consistency is the key to building brand equity. Professional referring to our site must comply with the following guidelines when using Nodengo widget/links/banners referring to the site


For the Nodengo Logo an horizontal, primary position should be used
Vertical position should only be used for small and vertical applications where the primary orientation becomes illegible.
Our logo should only be used on white background, on instances where the logo would appear on a colored background or a photo, it should only be placed on backgrounds where the logo is fully legible.

  • Do not angle the logo – Do not add typography to the logo – Do not change the color – Do not edit or manipulate the logo


Use smaller buttons to display our brand.

Logos for print are available (pdf) & Textual Links (The target must be the main page., for deep links contact us


What widget is available for my website?

A variety of content is available for display on your website and are available for free. Please do note that widgets are primarily intended for establishment been listed on Please note that these widget are not for reviewed establishment. Review badges are sent directly to the establishment upon completion of the review.

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