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North Carolina


North Carolina is a state in the Southeastern region of the United States

North Carolina, located in the Southeastern region of the United States, is characterized by three distinct geographical divisions. These divisions include the Appalachian Mountains in the western part of the state, encompassing the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains, as well as the central Piedmont Plateau and the eastern Atlantic Coastal Plain

North Carolina exhibits a varied landscape and elevation range, descending from the Appalachian Mountains to the Piedmont and Atlantic coastal plain. Mount Mitchell, standing at 6,684 ft (2,037 m), is the highest point in the Eastern United States. While most of the state experiences a humid subtropical climate, the western mountainous region has a subtropical highland climate.

North Carolina offers a variety of attractions, including breathtaking landscapes spanning from mountains to the sea. With a pleasant climate, a vibrant cultural scene steeped in history and the arts, and outstanding opportunities for sports and recreation, this state is an exceptional location for both residents and businesses. In addition, North Carolina boasts excellent healthcare, prestigious universities, and a low cost of living, making it highly desirable to its residents, who rarely have the desire to relocate elsewhere.

North Carolina Regions

Piedmont (Central Region)

North Carolina’s major urban areas, such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, and Durham, are located in this central region. These cities provide all the amenities and attractions of a bustling metropolis while retaining the unique charm and character that is distinctly North Carolinian. A visit to the Piedmont offers an array of enticing experiences, including wineries, breweries, golf courses, and extensive networks of scenic greenways.

Charlotte Region – This dynamic region is home to North Carolina’s largest city

Pinehurst region The legendary golf courses are found in the region where the longleaf pine trees thrive.

Greensboro & Winston-Salem There are countless opportunities for exploration in this area, ranging from being recognized as the Furniture Capital of the World and having the largest pottery community, to boasting the most renowned wine region in our state.

Raleigh, Durham The area is home to acclaimed establishments like inns, hotels, and spas, offering a range of culinary experiences to satisfy various preferences. Additionally, visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture by exploring university gardens, art and history museums, and encountering delightful whirligigs.

The coast of North Carolina spans 300 miles, featuring barrier-island beaches that offer distinct atmospheres and an array of activities. Charming coastal communities and a plethora of options ensure continuous exploration opportunities.

The coast of North Carolina spans 300 miles and is made up of barrier-island beaches, each offering its own distinct atmosphere and a diverse range of attractions. Charming coastal communities and a wide array of activities ensure constant opportunities for discovery.

Outer Banks – Albermarle & Pamlico Sounds – Crystal Coast – Topsail Area – Inner Coastal Plain – Brunswick Islands

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The western part of North Carolina has more than just the famous Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail. It has a lot to offer, including farm-fresh food, excellent craft beer, the Land of Waterfalls, and one of the oldest rivers in the country.

Smoky mountains and Cherokee – In the westernmost part of North Carolina, lies the renowned Great Smoky Mountains. Experience their richness and magnificence in the historic land of the Cherokee people. Alternatively, you can choose Bryson City or Waynesville as your starting point to delve into the exploration of trout streams and thriving protected woodlands.

High Country – This area, located at the highest points of the northern Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, is known for its abundance of winter sports activities. However, the towns of Boone and Blowing Rock in the High Country region offer enjoyment throughout the year. From springtime hikes among the rhododendrons to exciting summer adventures at the highest altitudes, and finally, the breathtaking foliage in autumn, these towns provide delight in every season.

 Asheville and foothills – Asheville and the surrounding towns in the foothills of North Carolina’s southern Blue Ridge Mountains are known for their unique charm and personality. The beautiful landscapes of this region have been featured in both television and film, making it a popular destination for fans of the outdoors and those seeking culinary delights. The area is also renowned for its thrilling adventures, breathtaking waterfalls, and exceptional craft beer.


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Generalmente, un cittadino di un paese straniero che desidera entrare negli Stati Uniti deve prima ottenere un visto, un visto per non immigranti per un soggiorno temporaneo o un visto per immigranti per residenza permanente.

Un visto consente a un cittadino straniero di recarsi in un porto di ingresso degli Stati Uniti (generalmente un aeroporto) e di richiedere il permesso di entrare negli Stati Uniti. Il visto non garantisce l'ingresso negli Stati Uniti. I funzionari del Dipartimento della sicurezza interna (DHS), delle dogane e della protezione delle frontiere degli Stati Uniti (CBP) al porto di entrata hanno l'autorità di consentire o negare l'ammissione negli Stati Uniti. Se ti è permesso entrare negli Stati Uniti, il funzionario CBP fornirà un timbro di ammissione o un modulo cartaceo I-94, arrivo/partenza. Scopri di più su ammissione e requisiti di ingresso, restrizioni sul portare cibo, prodotti agricoli e altri beni soggetti a restrizioni/proibiti e altro ancora consultando il CBP website.

Programma di rinuncia VISA

Il programma di esenzione dal visto (VWP) consente alla maggior parte dei cittadini o dei cittadini dei paesi partecipanti di recarsi negli Stati Uniti per turismo o affari per soggiorni di 90 giorni o meno senza ottenere un visto. I viaggiatori devono avere un valido Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) approvazione prima del viaggio e soddisfare tutti i requisiti spiegati di seguito.

Informazioni fornite dal U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Please note that with the current situation, requirements may change often, we recommend you check with your airline carrier for the most updated requirements


Treno SunRailè un servizio ferroviario che sposta le persone in tutta la regione offrendo opportunità di viaggio di lavoro e di piacere; comunità di collegamento. SunRail può rendere il tragitto giornaliero veloce, facile e conveniente, oltre che meno stressante. Il sistema attualmente opera su oltre 49 miglia con 16 stazioni attraverso le contee di Volusia, Seminole, Orange e Osceola.

Guida : Viaggiare in auto è il modo più comune e più conveniente per spostarsi nello stato sia per i viaggiatori che per i locali. Per il viaggiatore le agenzie di autonoleggio abbondano e molte sono disponibili in tutti i principali aeroporti. Orlando, in particolare, è conosciuta come la "capitale mondiale dell'autonoleggio". Con la Florida che è lo stato più visitato degli Stati Uniti, le tariffe di noleggio auto qui sono tra (se non le) più basse del paese a causa del volume.

Aereo : Flying may be a reasonable option for moving within North Carolinaespecially if disembarking from an international flight and connecting to another city in the state.

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Linguaggio: Inglese is the official language of the state. Spanish spoken by approximately 7% of North Carolina residents.

Moneta U.S. $ which is made up of 100 cents. Cash and Credit cards are widely accepted.- However Debit card (such as Maestro) tend not to be accepted widely and do carry fees depending on your financial institution. It is always wise to have a mix of cash and credit card available when you travel and North Carolina is no exception. Cash machines are widely available throughout.

Elettricità: Negli Stati Uniti d'America la tensione standard è 120 V e la frequenza è 60 Hz. Se la tensione standard nel tuo paese è nell'intervallo di 220 – 240 V (come nel Regno Unito, Europa, Asia, Africa e Australia) avrai bisogno di un "convertitore", mentre puoi usarlo con un "semplice" adattatore .

se la tensione standard nel tuo paese è compresa tra 110 e 127 V (come negli Stati Uniti, in Canada e nella maggior parte dei paesi sudamericani). puoi usarlo facilmente negli Stati Uniti

Fuso orario : North Carolina observe the Eastern Time Zone statewide.